Utah Repertory Theater Company offers a “Pay-As-You-May” performance for each show in its season.  We discovered this when we began attending their performances and try our best to plan our schedule to accommodate the “Pay-As-You-May” performance.   This allows patrons to select their ticket price, beginning at just $1 and going all the way up to full ticket price of $20.  This gives an opportunity to students and others who may not be able to regular afford their performances to experience the high quality theater they have to offer.  We highly recommend using this deal to acquaint yourself with Utah Rep and their performances.  I am positive that you will be hooked the same way that we are!

The “Pay-As-You-May” performance for Utah Rep’s inaugural 2017 production of
‘The Other Place’ is Saturday, February 18th at 7:30 PM.  Tickets can be purchased by visiting Utah Repertory Theater Company’s website and clicking here.  Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!